1. Do we need prescription for buying generic pills from the store?
    Normally Erectile Dysfunction solutions are safe for purchase and consumption without medical prescription. In case of any existing disorder including kidney or liver issues, medical prescription certified from your doctor is mandatory for purchase from the store
  1. Is there any age bar for buying or ordering solutions from Cheapgenericeddrug.co store?
    Yeah! Adults above 18 years of age are only allowed and eligible to order medications from this drug store
  1. When can I expect delivery of ordered medication?
    Online drug store specializes in best delivering quality services to customers. Orders are shipped discreetly with on-time delivery that may differ from 7 to 10 business days from ordering products.
  1. Generic medications sold here are cheap, why is it so?
    Generic medications online pharmacies, invest very less amount of share of profits on advertising and various promotional activities. We prefer benefitting users by delivering generic quality medications at affordable rates. Effectiveness and quality of medicine available here is not compromised in any case.
  1. Are generic medicines offered at Cheapgenericeddrug.co, equally effective as brand solutions?
    Yes, the main active ingredient in generic solutions here including Sildenafil Citrate, Avanafil, Tadalista, Vardenafil, etc. are same as in brand pills. However, these generic medications are recommended safe for intake, with FDA approvals and effective outcomes.
  1. Do you deliver medicines offered here to all countries?
    Products available on store are shipped worldwide except countries.
  1. Does impotence treating solutions helps in conceiving?
    Impotence treating medicines support erection and ensure better sexual performance for the couple. However, along with penile erection, men should also have qualitative and quantitative sperm count for conception in women. On the other hand, women’s reproductive organs play major role for helping them in conceiving.
  1. Can women consume generic medicines listed here?
    Rare products like Filagra Pink are specially composed for women to treat Female Sexual Dysfunction.
  1. How do these generic medicines treat ED in men?
    Medicines treating Erectile Dysfunction issue in men works sensationally by loosening arterial blockages that allows proper flow of blood in the penile region. This complete action mechanism allows impotent men to attain and maintain penile erection for the session of making love.
  1. How can I know when the medicines ordered expire?
    Expiry date of medication is mentioned on their respective blister pack. However, expiry dates varies for various batches of medication. Usually, shelf life of medication is 2 years from the date of manufacture and would differ from batch to batch depending on when they were produced.
  1. What exactly leads to penile failure issues in men?
    Sexual dysfunction can be a result of various issues including physical or psychological in combination:
    Physical factors, leading to Penile Failure includes medical conditions like diabetes, heart and vascular (blood vessel) disease, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, chronic diseases such as kidney or liver failure and alcoholism.
    Psychological factors, leading to Penile Failure in men includes work-related stress and anxiety, concern about sexual performance, marital or relationship problems, depression, feelings of guilt, and the effects of some past sexual trauma.
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